Friday, October 29, 2010

How to get the Top Ten Rankings in the Search Engines

How to get the Top Ten Rankings in the Search Engines
Everybody wants a financial boom. And the only way to get this is by ensuring that your website ranks in the top ten results on all the major search engines. To do this, you need a good plan and you need to follow it religiously. In doing so, you will begin to understand how algorithms work and how rank calculation can generate maximum results for you. Here are a few tips to help you rank in the top ten results:

1.Regularly update your website: The significance of a regularly updated website cannot be over emphasized. This is one of the most important strategies that will help you get top rankings in the search engines. Major search engines like Google are always on the lookout for websites with fresh content. Website content that is valuable is a sure-shot way to get you top ranks and true authority. Keep updating your pages, and they will get re-indexed over and over the search engine spiders and bots. Apply the correct keywords and you will manage to get more than one page of your website in the top rankings. Based upon hourly calculation, page ranks are formed. So, if you don’t keep updating your website, you are bound to lose out on a good ranking.

2.Write article regularly: Publish articles and blogs in various submission sites and directories. This will help by getting your potential customers to know you and you can also get backlinks to your site. Make sure your articles are valuable and will entertain your readers. Make sure your articles are all related to the readers, useful and news worthy. Make sure to insert targeted keywords into your title and body, as it helps in getting you higher ranks. Targeted keywords always attract a lot of attention – from the search engines as well as the users. For added effect, hyperlink some of your targeted keywords as well.

3.Inbound Links: Inbound links from trusted directories and sites will bring about deep linking, multiple inbound hyperlinks and will earn you the trust of the search engines.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Navigation and Fonts - These are what Successful Sites are made Off

Navigation and Fonts - These are what Successful Sites are made Off
Does the mere existence of a site create overnight miracles, such as increased traffic flow, blooming profits and unbound sales? Well, the sad truth is that, very often, web owners believe this false concept. And this very belief leads them to their downfall. We need to banish this false notion today!

But where does one really begin? For starters, you can strive to enhance your website design and development plans and practices. Present below are a few suggestions with regards to web design and development. Hopefully, these tips will give you a better future in this online commercial platform:

1.Use a font size and type that is legible: Have you ever visited sites, where you had to zoom in, in order to read the content? Doesn't that frustrate you? Always remember that negative experiences make a lasting expression and hence, you need to try your best to avoid them.

2.Simplicity in Navigation and that is the key!: Your navigation concept must never be complicated. Just ask yourself this question - Do you want to see your customers wasting time, just trying to figure out where things are on your site? Or do you want them to locate all your available products and services in a jiffy? Keep in mind that, tabs, links and graphics should be clearly visible and easily accessible.

And finally, once the website design and development phase is over, all you have to do is Promote! Promote! Promote!